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Sheriff Office Vs Health Department

Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick announced that his department will no longer enforce the orders by Sonoma County Health Officer Dr. Sundari Mase, and instead follow the orders directly from state government. Sherrif Essick said Dr Mase has not provided data to defend the local stay at home orders. Starting Monday, Jail staff will no longer book people arrested by any agency when the sole charge is a violation of the county's public health order. Sonoma County Supervisors have voiced opposition to the Sheriff's announcement. (photo courtesy Twitter)

Health Screening App

The new health screening app we reported on last week for Sonoma County employees is now also available for any business. Sonoma County worked with IBM to develop SoCoCOVID19 Check, a smart phone app that allows employees to run through a series of questions which employers can use to determine if the worker is healthy enough for the job. The new app is a first of it's kind program that other counties are considering for their areas to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. (photo courtesy 9to5Google)

SBA Programs Improvements

Congressman Mike Thompson voted to pass the bill to improve Small Business Assistance programs, which improves flexibility of the Paycheck Protection Program. This bipartisan bill was introduced to improve the Small Business Assistance programs launched in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic and help get assistance to the businesses that need them the most. (photo courtesy The Financial Deals)

Heat Illness

With today's heat advisory, its important to stay hydrated, refrain from hard work or exercise, stay in a cool environment whenever possible. And, watch out for others, expecially older people, children, and those who may be sick or unable to care for themselves. Keep in mind that if you're thinking about heading to the coast, parking lots remain closed and the beach is closed between 11am - 5pm. (photo courtesy Philippine News Feed)

COVID Case Isolation

At last night's virtual town hall meeting, Sonoma County Health Officer Dr. Mase said one of the keys to stopping the spread of the virus is to isolate the patient who tests positive in an alternate care site. Passing the virus to other family member, or co workers, has been shown to be the main way COVID 19 cases continue to grow. There is an alternate care site at Sonoma State University. Sick patients are better treated in an acute care facility, like a hospital. More testing has been done with the vulnerable communities, including senior care facilities, homeless, jails, and hospice. (photo courtesy PBS)

Drive Through Graduations

Sonoma County high schools are scrambling to put together drive-thru graduation ceremonies in the coming days and weeks, which have been recently approved during the pandemic, but with strict rules. The drive thru events will start this week, with Cardinal Newman on Saturday, followed by Healdsburg High on June 5th. (photo courtesy google sites)

Russian River Level Reducing

Sonoma County is preparing to ask state water regulators to reduce water levels in the Russian River this summer in order to conserve stored water in Lake Mendocino. Less than half of the normal rainfall this year has created a concern for levels. The reserves supply drinking water for up to 600,000 Sonoma and Marin county residents. (photo courtesy TripAdvisor)

Churches Reopening

California's churches, mosques and synagogues have gotten the nod to reopen their doors sooner than expected under new state guidelines. Yesterday, the public health department released a framework for counties deciding whether to allow churches to restart in-person services. The guidelines require a written plan for meeting county orders, strict cleaning rules, masks to be worn, temperatures taken, and number reduced to 25% of worshippers per service. (photo courtesy tabloidPH)

Sonoma County Worker Health App

Starting June 1st, as Sonoma County workers return to work in office buildings, they will have to screen themselves using a new phone app, then their bosses will verify the findings. The app created by IBM is called SoCoCovid 19 Check and will give health officials information they need to make decisions in order for the county to reopen. (photo courtesy 9to5Google)

Psych Hospital

Sonoma County is closer to having a psychiatric health facility. Sonoma County Supervisors approved a master agreement to create a PHF at the former Valley of the Moon Children's Center off Highway 12 in Sonoma Valley. Currently, when a patient needs psychiatric care, they are transported to facilities out of the county. The new plan would allow patients to be treated closer to home. (photo courtesy Sonoma Index-Tribune)

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