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Sonoma County Talking with Ted Williams

Bob Chapman with CASA

An interview with Bob Chapman with CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates, which helps kids who have been neglected or abused get through the court system.


Sonoma County Supervisor Lynda Hopkins

An interview with Sonoma County Supervisor Lynda Hopkins of the 5th District about her background, and the balance of the job and family.


Jeff Gilman with Redwood Gospel Mission

An interview with Jeff Gilman with Redwood Gospel Mission about the Great Thanksgiving Banquet at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds on November 27th.


Polly Klaas Foundation

An interview with Raine Howe of the Polly Klaas Foundation about their theater renovation plans.


Canine Companions for Independence

An interview with Michelle Williams with Canine Companions for Independence about their new program of matching special assistance dogs with Veterans dealing with PTSD.


Snoopy's Home Ice Grand Reopening

An interview with Gina Huntsinger, General Manager of Snoopy's Home Ice about their huge rebuilding project with a new ice floor, and their grand reopening on November 17th.


3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

An interview with Rob Johnson about his late son, Marcus, and the 3 on 3 basketball tournament in his memory that helps kids get sports shoes and scholarships they need.


Bread for the World

An interview with Jose Garcia with the group called Bread for the World, about the hunger crisis in California and legislation that will help.


Fire Safe Sonoma

An interview with former Fire Chief Vern Losh about an organization called Fire Safe Sonoma that educates on fire prevention and safety.


King Ridge Gran Fondo with Levi Leipheimer

Interview with professional cyclist Levi Leipheimer about his career, including Olympic medalist, Tour d'France, and multi winner of Tour of California, and about the King Ridge Gran Fondo on October 5th. 


Family Safety Fair on 9/28 in Healdsburg

Interview with former Healdsburg Fire Chief Randy Collins about the upcoming Family Safety Fair on 9/28 in Healdsburg. 


Letitia Hanke of the Lime Foundation

An interview with Letitia Hanke of the Lime Foundation about helping disadvantaged people to learn construction skills to get jobs and improve their lives.


Sonoma Ready Day at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds

An interview with Sonoma County Supervisor Susan Gorin about the emergency preparedness event called Sonoma Ready Day at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds on September 8th.


Cardiologist, Dr. Jitesh Vasadia

An interview with Cardiologist, Dr. Jitesh Vasadia from Kaiser Permanente about understanding heart disease, and how to help someone who is having a cardiac emergency.


Jeanne Mariani-Belding with SMART 07.7.2019

Interview with Jeanne Mariani-Belding with SMART train about the summer specials, expansion plans, and train safety reminders.


Petaluma Chamber of Commerce 07.7.2019

Interview with Onita Pellegrini, CEO of the Petaluma Chamber of Commerce, about the history of the city, and it's many attractions.


Steve Page, President Sonoma Raceway 06.23.2019

Interview with Steve Page, President and General Manager of Sonoma Raceway, talking about NASCAR weekend, and all of the events over the two days. 


Cancer Research Progress 06.09.2019

Interview with Dr. Merry Markham with the American Society of Clinical Oncology about cancer research progress and things we can do to prevent cancer.


Wisdom teeth removal 06.09.2019

Interview with Sonoma Valley dentist, Dr. Tyler Boynton, about a special program for providing free wisdom teeth removal for students


Sheriff Mark Essick 6.02.2019

Interview with Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick about his career, and goals for the Sheriff's Office.


Linda Aldrich with The Pony Express 5.26.2019

Interview with Linda Aldrich with The Pony Express about their program for helping youth with emotional difficulties, and the film about them making a debut on June 6th at Summerfield Cinemas.


Sonoma Foster Care 5.26.2019

Interview with Meg Easter Dawson with Sonoma Foster Care about the Sonoma County program of home placements and the immediate need for more foster homes.


Power of Being Prepared 5.19.19

Interview with Deanna Contreras with PG&E about their latest program for wildfire safety and awareness called Power of Being Prepared.


Zero Waste Sonoma 5.19.19

Interview with Xinci Tan with Zero Waste Sonoma, the new name for the Sonoma County's Waste Management Agency (SCWMA), about the plan for eliminating waste that goes to landfills.


Summer Arts Youth Program grants 5.12.2019

Interview with Kristen Madsen of Creative Sonoma about their Summer Arts Youth Program grants for programs this summer. 


Census 2020 5.12.2019

Interview with Nicollette Weinzveg with United Way of the Wine Country about their participation with Census 2020.


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